Neime O. Sanchez-Givens, RN

Neime is the principal partner and business manager of the practice. She is a Registered Nurse (RN) and a certified Medtronic MiniMed pump trainer.

principal partner, business manager, RN, trainer

Luke B. Givens

Luke is the Vice President of the company and in charge of contracting and legal affairs.

vice president, contracting, legal

Patient Support Existing patients use the Patient Portal

Ashley D.

Ashley D is the diagnostic medical sonographer at our practice.


Existing patients, please contact Ashley D. through the secure Patient Portal.

Lori W.

Lori is the Clinical Coordinator and she is the medical assistant to Dr. Kohler. She is a certified Medtronic MiniMed pump trainer.

coordinator, assistant, trainer

Existing patients, please contact Lori W. through the secure Patient Portal.

Karen W.

Karen W. is in charge of 'triage' -- recording vitals and preparing patients for the visit. She also handles scheduling and appointment confirming.

triage, intake, scheduling, confirmation

Existing patients, please contact Karen W. through the secure Patient Portal.


Ashley P.

Ashley P is our Health Information Specialist. She is in charge of patient care documentation processing. In addition, she provides back-end support for a variety of functions in the practice.

processing, operations

Eddie R.

Eddie is our 'friendly face' at the front desk: She is the first point of contact for our patients and responsible for scheduling and record keeping. He processes all clerical aspects of patient office visits.

reception, scheduling, records

Existing patients, please contact Eddie through the secure Patient Portal.

Helen H.

Helen is the Senior Business Analyst at the practice. She is the go-to for locating things in the office archive and she handles insurance credentialing.

analyst, archivist, credentialing

Marilyn V.

Marilyn is the Billing Supervisor at the office, responsible for claims processing, claims resolving and patient accounts.

billing, claims, accounts

Nicole C.

Nicole is the referral specialist at the office. She handles authorizations and referrals for office visits and procedures. She is also in charge of new patient scheduling and medical records.

referrals, authorizations, scheduling, records

Shelley G.

Shelley G. is our Check-Out clerk and in charge of scheduling and assists when needed.

check-out, scheduling, certified medical assistant

Existing patients, please contact Shelly G. through the secure Patient Portal.